Public School Teacher Evaluations
Armstrong Teacher Educator Program

Below are unsolicited comments from exceptional public school teachers who participated in the Armstrong Teacher Educator Program that I coordinated for three years.  During my tenure, the program grew to include more than eighty school teachers.  For the teachers, being named an Armstrong Teacher Educator is a lifelong honor.  I worked closely with each of the school teachers to create an avenue for them to be involved in the School of Education that fulfilled one of their personal developmental goals at the same time that it served the faculty and students at IU.  Under my leadership, the program developed into a prestigious program recognized throughout the state of Indiana.  I have organized these teacher comments along emerging themes that reflect my passion, inspiration, leadership, creativity and knowledge.


“Wow!  Jammed full of vital knowledge, stimulation, and much to think about.  What a two days.  Thank you for your compassion for each and every one of us and your passion for life.  You are quite a renaissance woman.”

“You are such a ball of energy and passion.  You represent the university and the school of education professionally and compassionately.  Not everyone can do that.”


“I think this program is fabulous and makes a good teacher even better.  It is awesome to be treated with such compassion…Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this renewal—it is everlasting.  You are an inspiration.”


“Margaret Clements was a superb liaison for Indiana University…She made me feel as though I were an integral part of Indiana University’s plan for pre-service teachers.”

“Margaret is so crucial to the core of how the Armstrong Educator’s program is so in sync with teachers.”

“This program seems to get better and better!  Thank you so much Margaret—you have done a wonderful job again!”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful leadership!”

“I am grateful to Margaret Clements for helping to avail myself of the many opportunities this program offers.”


“This program gave me a sense of support that I was unaware of before.’’

“You are our spark!  This experience will be unmatched by anyone anywhere.  You went way past my wildest imagination.  Thank you for an awesome year!”


“This program was important to me professionally.  It validated and affirmed me as a professional and made me feel like someone who is intelligent and important.”

“The Armstrong program has opened doors here on campus and has provided me with a professional peer group.  This was excellent!”

“Thank you for making this a lifetime experience.  I have loved every minute of it.”

“Your vision and hard work made for a memorable weekend.  Thank you so much.”